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Obtaining a Library Card
Issuance   ● Library cards are only issued to online members who present their identification at a desk.
Place of issuance   ● Loan and return desks of each of the collections in the basement 1st floor, 1st and 2nd floors
      (※ Children must be accompanied by their parents or guardian.)
Documents Issuance
Adults   ID (resident registration certificate, passport, driver's license, etc.)
Minors   Identification documents
  (student ID, youth card, passport, resident registration certificate, etc.)
Foreign nationals   Alien registration card
Preschoolers and elementary students   Guardian's (legal agent) ID, Documents identifying family relationship
  (medical insurance card, resident registration certificate, etc.)
  ※ Preschoolers and elementary students must be accompanied by their parents or guardian.
Physically challenged persons   Disability registration card, guardian's (legal agent) ID Documents identifying
  family relationship(medical insurance card, resident registration certificate, etc.)
Reissuance   ● Members should request the reissuance of a lost or damaged library card by visiting the library
      in person or by phone(+82-44-900-9250~7).

  ● Members can pick up their new card within 3 days of reporting the loss or damage thereof from
      the Loan and Return Desk where they apply for reissuance.
Use of card   ● Loan and return of materials, and use of automated machine