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Planning & Management Division
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  • Establish & adjust major business plans and review & analyze
  • Establish & implement overall PR plans
  • National Assembly and regulations related work
  • Budget, accounting & closing
  • Manage national assets and inventory
  • Manage security and official seal
  • Delivery/control/publication and preservation of documents
  • HR including appointment/service/training/payroll/pension of public officials
  • Manage and protect government offices and facilities
  • Other issues not affiliated in other divisions within the jurisdiction

Policy Material Division

  • Establish/implement development plans for collection of books(library)
  • Collect, purchase, donate and register materials regarding to Korean policies and general public/children/disabled
  • Manage original register and statistics
  • Classify/catalog/remove materials
  • Work related to Cooperative Network for Governments Policy Information
  • Materials of agencies subscribing to Cooperative Network for Governments Policy Information
  • Operate policy library
  • Develop policy data service
  • Operate & manage online service
  • Operate information system and network of library
  • Other library computerization issues

Public Service Division

  • Operate & manage libraries (excluding policy library)
  • Details for use of collections
  • Operate and manage library
  • Details for library field trips
  • Develop and operate reading and cultural programs
  • Support cultural facilities, school, children's library programs